How to Attract More Customers to Your Business/Company with the Landing Page Solution MX-201

As a professional, such as a psychologist, or small business owner, you know that attracting new customers is essential for the growth and success of your business. One of the most effective ways to do this is by creating a professional landing page, a web page specifically designed for conversion. Unlike traditional website pages, a landing page communicates a specific solution to a specific problem/pain point for your customers, increasing the chances of conversion. Along with a well-planned customer acquisition campaign, a landing page can be the key to the success of your business.

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The professional needs to focus on their customers

Professionals, such as psychologists, architects, musicians, among others, need to meet clients in order to conduct their careers. Many of these professionals put a lot of energy into communicating without a structured approach to a specific audience, resulting in frustration and disappointment.

Communication and the problem of direct contact

Even if the professional is communicating constantly on social media, which is an investment activity, many professionals still make direct contact through phone numbers or instant messaging systems like WhatsApp, and more. This is a problem because a potential customer - even if inclined to contact - needs to validate the professional and feel confident and less confused before the contact.

The user needs to confirm for themselves

Hoje, o usuário faz uma busca ativa e uma vez que está certo sobre o profssional, o contato será mais assertivo.

Today, the user conducts an active search and once they are sure about the professional, the contact will be more assertive. The professional's landing page is the solution to the problem of direct contact, as it will contextualize, for a specific audience with a specific pain point, what the professional offers, the areas of specialization, and other elements such as presenting authority without being arrogant. In this way, the prospect has the decision-making power and will know if the professional is suitable. The user, having come from an active search, feels empowered to confirm the decision in front of this professional profile, and then move on to more assertive contact.

Solution - The professional's landing page 24x7

With the online landing page, the professional establishes automation of their communication process. This way, the professional can activate the page from social media and even individually inform people so that they can confirm/evaluate who the professional is.

Solution - Boosting the professional in Google Search

Once the landing page represents a certain situation/complication that is easy to understand and easy to access, the professional needs to drive more visibility to the landing page, in order to generate more contacts. This step is all about driving more visibility to the landing page, by leveraging Google's search engine results page (SERP) with the right keywords and backlinks, so that the professional can be more easily found.

Success cases

Bianca Ribeiro (@psicologabibi) - Psicóloga, Ribeirão Preto

Bianca Ribeiro relied on the Meplex method to launch her visit site that is exclusively linked from the bio of @psicologabibi. She is happy because the site does a pre-attendance, guiding the appropriate users before contact

Vanessa Erika - Psicóloga, Ribeirão Preto SP

Vanessa Erika is a psychotherapist who attends online and in-person in the city of Ribeirão Preto. She launched an online identity for her professional website and receives new patients with a Google Ads campaign.

Ianca Tainá - Personal Trainer, Ribeirão Preto SP

Ianca created her landing page with the goal of acquiring clients for private training classes in fitness and dance modalities.

What our clients are saying about our landing page services

Visite o site da Psicóloga Bianca

"I would like to congratulate Marcio for his competence and dedication to work, we started contact because of a project started by him and my experience with him has been very meaningful! During our meetings and discussions we had the idea of setting up the website focused on my profession and it has been helping me a lot in search and delivery of services and presentation to my patients. Without a doubt, I recommend this excellent professional, always success!" Clinical Psychologist, Bianca Ribeiro de Jesus

Visite o site da Vanessa Psicóloga

"Ever since Márcio started helping me, my professional perspective and prospecting new patients has changed. I even thought about giving up my profession, changing careers. I even started a new college course. But one day he asked me if I wanted to make a mini site, I agreed. And while he was creating the Meplex, my mini-site, and promoting it on Google, I was doing my part: receiving the demand and attending to patients. These days, almost 4 years later, I dove into the profession of clinical psychologist, receiving referrals from those first patients, growing and consolidating myself in the Ribeirão Preto and online market. I discovered that it was the strength I needed to develop and encourage myself to stay in the profession I love so much." Clinical psychologist in Ribeirão Preto, Vanessa Erika de Oliveira

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